Spain's capital since 1562, Madrid is a city of great museums. Aside from being a cultural destination, its endless selection of restaurants, bars and cafes, makes its nightlife an added attraction.

Toledo/El Escorial/Valley of the Fallen
Visit the Cathedral, St John of the King, as well as the St Tome church and synagogue. El Escorial is a series of grandiose granite structures, which include a basilica, palace, monastery and library with museum. Be sure to see the Valley of the Fallen monument

Along with its many churches, gothic cathedral and majestic Alcazar Castle, Segovia is home to one of the most impressive remaining Roman aqueducts in the world. After Segovia, visit La Granja, a beautiful royal palace with breathtaking gardens and fountains.

Considered to be a "Mini Rome" worldwide, due to the number and quality of its monuments. Pure Romanic art as well as primitive Gothic, Mudejar and Spanish Renaissance, are found throughout its streets. Upon returning to Madrid, stop at the walled city of Avila.

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